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Mobile Marketing


We help brands use mobile to build deeper relationships with their customers wherever those customers may be. Our approach is simple: consider mobile from the beginning, not as an add-on, and approach everything with a mobile mindset. We've abolished the "Mobile Department" - everything we do is mobile by design. And even though mobile technologies and consumer behavior are always changing, we're always up to speed. Our in-house "Mobile by Design" program keeps us up to speed on the latest developments, so your brand is always taking advantage of the latest in mobile opportunity.

Strategies for the Mobile World

Today, everyone is mobile, but not everyone interacts with his or her devices in the same way. To tackle this challenge, we start by analyzing a day in the life of your mobile consumer. Armed with research and insights, we show you where opportunity lies and craft a strategy that will capitalize on your audiences' mobile behaviors and interests.

Technical Expertise for the Real World

Good strategy is nothing without flawless execution, and at LightFoot Media, we have the expertise needed to make it happen. Whether it's building rich, interactive experiences via mobile applications and websites or creating new ways to measure mobile advertising performance, we have the know-how to bring strategy to life.


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